15 DIY Advent Calendars to Start Making Today

15 DIY Advent Calendars to Start Making Today

I’ve become very fascinated by Advent Calendars as the years have progressed.  I realised recently that the countdown to Christmas Day is actually my favourite part of celebrating. Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day are wonderful of course, but I do so enjoy those three weeks or so, when I can just revel in the magic and excitement without high expectations. We already have a pre-made Advent Calendars, but I have a special love for DIY versions, and I think you might too! So I’m sharing these 10 great DIY Advent Calendar ideas that I found in case you’re looking for an idea you can whip up before December 1st.


1. Use balsa wood, hot glue and a free template as the basis for these wooden Advent houses. Add sticker numbers, and frost the roofs with fake snow. Then hide a treat inside!

2. Get the free printable for making these modern Advent boxes. Print on white or kraft!

3. I love these wooden trees, and they have a neat hidden detail at the back!

4. A super simple idea to use for 24 Holiday activities. You could whip this one up today.

5. Got paper cups? Put them into service to hold your Advent Calendar treats!

6. This Pottery Barn knock-off uses wood and burlap bags in a great way.

7. I’m leaning towards lots of natural decor this year, so this wood slice Advent Calendar appeals to me. Wait till you see how it’s displayed!

8. Brightly coloured paper, washi tape and clothespins? Yes!

9. I’m intrigued by this Danish Dowel tree. And of course, chalkboard!

10. This pyramid box is part of a series of 25 different ideas, but I think a cluster of these would look great for the Advent season.

11. Numbered pockets each containing a handmade ornament, to hang on the painted tree above. Tree Advent Calendar from Persia Lou:  Alexis explains how she made the wooden calendar, and also how she altered some surprising trinkets to make them into ornaments.

12. This project is a bit more involved, but I so love the result! Modern Branch Advent Calendar from Sugar Lander: Each ornament has a tag with a different activity leading up to the big day.

13. Courtenay used some scrap MDF and paper bags as the main elements of her DIY Advent Calendar. Ridiculously Easy DIY Advent Calendar from The Creek Line House:   This is so simple and works so well!

14. I am really into all things natural for the Holidays this year, so I really love this muslin bag version. Muslin Bag Advent Calendar at the marion house book: Emma used a mix of ornaments and found objects to hang from each bag. Love it.

15. It doesn’t get more modern than this one! Geometric Advent Calendar by Madame Citron: The tutorial from comes with free templates so you can make your own. The blog is in French, so make sure to use Google translate. The main supplies for this one is paper!

What kind of Advent Calendar do you use? Do you give candy treats, or choose from family activities?




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