Thursday To-Do | Upcycled Tote Bags

Thursday To-Do | Upcycled Tote Bags
Sisters, Paper, Scissors February 2016 - Callaloo Soup Crafts-Upcycled T-Shirt Tote Bags

Here’s a great idea on Pinterest for upcycling t-shirts into tote bags. Super simple and very useful.

I chose one of my t-shirts that I love but that has always been just a smidgen too tight for my muffin top. I’ve finally given up on it ever looking flattering on me. I figured this way I still get to keep it, as I love the design with the dots along the bottom.

I also chose one of Kieran’s t-shirts that he loves but is also way too small now. I think he has had it since he was 2 and wore it up to about six years old!

The tutorial is very straight forward.

Step 1 – Cut Off the Sleeves

Make sue to cut on the outside of the seam. I found it was easier for me to cut through one layer at a time

Step 2 – Cut around the neckline.


Step 3 – Stitch up the bottom

The tutorial calls for cutting strips and tying them, but I decided to stitch mine instead. I turned the t-shirts inside out, and stitched the two sides together just above the hem

And here they are!



These will come in handy for toting around odds and ends with K. I plan to make some more to use as project bags for my yarn crafts too. A great way to keep older t-shirts out of the landfill.


Looking for more ideas for upcycling t-shirts? Check out my tutorial for making t-shirt yarn. 

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  • I have a bunch of T-shirts that I’ve saved to put together into a quilt. Making tote bags might be easier. I’ve also seen pillows made from old t-shirts or baby clothes. Great recycling.

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