Want, Need, Wear, Read | Free Christmas Wishlist

Want, Need, Wear, Read | Free Christmas Wishlist

What are your kids wishing for this year? Over the last few years I have seen the concept of gifting in four different categories as a way to simplify gift giving, as well as ensure that kids aren’t inundated  with lots of random stuff.

I’m not sure where the idea originated, but a quick Google or Pinterest search will yield lots of results!

It totally fits in with my simple living philosophy, so I keep these four categories in mind when deciding on gifts for my son. As well, all our family members always ask what they should get him, and this grid helps me to simplify that process too.

I came up with this worksheet to add to my Christmas planner and I’d love to share it with you! You can use it to brainstorm and then narrow in on your gift for each recipient. Print as many times as you  like for personal use. Just click the button below to download.


Print on a full size sheet for a binder, or half-size for a planner or bullet journal.

What’s on your kids’ lists this year?

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