Hello, My Name Is…

Hello, My Name Is…

I’m so excited about June, because of the community photo challenges I’m doing this month. I can’t wait to hang out with my crafty peeps.

If you’re new here, a little about me: I’m originally from the Caribbean, but now live in France with my husband and teenaged son. Growing up I never thought I was creative, but happily as an adult I discovered my passion for making things, and never looked back! Currently I’m mildly obsessed with knitting, and this month I’ll be sharing my progress on a knitted tank top.

I’m also very passionate about planning, organising, and bullet journaling, they are what help me get things done. I’m a multipassionate crafter, so I always have multiple balls in the air, and I need systems to keep them from falling. (Confession : they still fall sometimes!). Plus, you know, real life.

I also love good food, flowers, gardening, and my OG hobby is reading. And taking photos, which is why I love challenges like these.

Here’s to a great month!

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