Hygge Self-Care CraftVent Day 24 – December Story

Hygge Self-Care CraftVent Day 24 – December Story

Maybe you haven’t been keeping up with your chosen memory keeping project this month. No worries. Today I invite you to tell the story of the day, week or month.

Keep it simple: photo + words. Nothing else is needed.

If you didn’t plan a project this month, this is a good time to reflect over the last 24 days, and so some journaling, or just make a list about your favourite parts of December so far.

Use #hyggeselfcarecraftvent on social media.

You did it! You had a very Hygge CraftVent. I hope that these twenty four days together has helped you to build some self-care habits into your life and crafting.

Which ones were your favourite? Continue to practise them as often as possible when you feel like you need a break.

Happy Holidays!

Use #hyggeselfcarecraftvent on social media.

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