8 Things to Add to Your Craft Bujo

8 Things to Add to Your Craft Bujo

I’ve been bullet journaling for eight years, and keeping a craft bujo for five. it was kind of a natural follow-on when I saw how much my bullet journal helped me. So it’s probably no surprise that I am constantly encouraging other crafters and creatives to keep a craft bujo as well. But what does that really mean?

In today’s world we have wide access to websites, apps, social media and the like where we can find and store ideas and information, but I’m convinced that keeping a notebook as your second brain is the best way to remain focused and decrease distractions.

Whether you call it a craft bullet journal, craft notebook, or craft planner, here are eight things you can add to make your maker life run more smoothly.

1. A List of Projects You Want to Make

Whether you do one kind of craft or ten, there is always something more you want to try. It’s easy to hit the save button on Pinterest or Instagram, (heaven knows I have saved hundreds of DIY projects!), but the best way I know to make sure projects get distracted (and even finished!), is there’s a written list that I can reference quickly without having to go online (thus being distracted once again by shiny objects.

2. Cheat Sheets with Important Info

Don’t remember what a US size knitting needle or hook is in European mm? What seam size works best for this sewing project? What’s the best kind of glue I should use to stick this paper to that surface?

If you find yourself looking this kind of info up all the time, find or make a cheat sheet, and stick it in your notebook. yes, it’s always possible to Google stuff, but that takes time, plus leads to more distracting shiny objects.

3. A Page to brainstorm Handmade Gift Ideas

Absolutely sure you’ll be giving handmade gifts this year? Okay, but which gift to which person, and do I have the supplies I need? Working that out in your notebook is a great way to see the scope of this project, and the first step to making it a reality.

And to give you a leg-up sign up here to get a free printable.

4. A Wishlist of Supplies to Purchase

We’ve all attended classes and workshops where we didn’t have some of the cool supplies used. Keep a running wishlist in your notebook (with prices), so that when you’re at the art/craft store you will know exactly what to buy. Don’t forget to note what you actually need this new shiny thing for!

5. Tool & Supply Inventories

Do I own a Size D crochet hook? Do I have enough fabric for this pattern? What colours of 12×12 scrapbooking cardstock is on my shelf?

Quickly find the answer to questions like these with a tool and supply inventory.

6. Project Trackers

Always know where you are in a project by using a project tracker that includes important information like the location of the pattern or tutorial, the list of supplies you used, and notes relevant to your progress.

7. Class/Workshop Notes

How many classes have you attended this year? 10? 20? 30? Do you remember all the details of the tutorials or demonstrations? I certainly don’t! I always think I’ll know exactly how to recreate things, but months later I am stumped.

Keep your crafty bujo nearby during class and take as many notes as possible. After all the idea is to continue using what we learnt, but only practice will get us there, and the notes will come in handy until you can fly on your own.

8. Sketches

Got a great idea for a card or scrapbook layout, an illustration, a painting, or a cute new dress? Keep your visual ideas accessible in your notebook. remember to include necessary notes so you remember everything about your great idea!

What do you include in your crafty notebook? let us know in the comments!

Want even more ideas for your notebook? Find fun ways to track projects here.

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