Gift Ideas for Crafty Bullet Journalers

Gift Ideas for Crafty Bullet Journalers

Or even for Bullet Journaling crafty people! I would be lost without my bullet journal, and I even have a special notebook dedicated just to my crafts and art projects.

If you know someone like this, and are looking for gift ideas that will make them squeal, here are my best suggestions. (Or maybe you ARE someone like this, in which case make sure to leave this post open on your SOs computer!)

A notebook with high quality pages.

Crafty people tend to want to use things like markers and watercolours in their books so make sure to get a notebook with pages that can stand up to that. My old favourites are Scribbles that Matter and Dingbats. And of course I now use my own notebooks exclusively!

Pens for writing, lettering, and drawing

Not only will we crafty bullet journalers write in our books, we will also want to add hand lettering and even doodles. Our basic essentials for this:

Papermate InkJoy 0.5 Gel pens and Pentel Energel 0.5 Needle Tip – I swear by these and refuse to write with anything else!
Pitt Artist Pens – my preferred pens for drawing and doodling. These Sakura Microns are an excellent alternative.
For adding hand lettered titles. nothing beats the Tombow Fudenosuke. Get it in both the soft brush and hard brush versions.

Add some colour

We’re artsy and we’re craftsy, so we need some colour. It might just be shades of grey, but we need it. Don’t forget a pack (or two!) of brush markers.

The Fudenosukes now come in colour!
Get watercolour effects with the Ecoline markers
Stay minimalist with a couple of grey brush pens
A simple set of pan watercolours is a great idea too!

Top it off

A nice pencil case and /or carrying pouch is a nice way to wrap this up. I really like the looks of this one just for pens, and this one will work to carry everything along!

Except for the pencil case and pouch, I use all these items daily in my notebooks and really do swear by them. Your crafty bullet journaler will be well pleased!

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