30 Days of Craft Nerdiness – a photo challenge

30 Days of Craft Nerdiness – a photo challenge

Hey there crafty nerd!

I’m hosting a 30 day photo challenge in June, just for us! I love photo challenges, and I have already done three different ones this year, and I really wanted to do one that’s all about the things we love: crafts, planning, organisation, books, pens and more.

So join me starting June 1st for our very own Craft Nerdiness photo challenge. I’ve prepared 30 prompts that you are free to interpret in your own way.

Post your photos on social media with the tag #30daysofcraftnerdiness. I’ll be posting on Instagram and TikTok, and you can follow me there @organisedcrafterbrain. One of my favourite things about challenges is the community that it helps build, I have made connections with so many great people thanks to us all working on the same project.

Let everyone know that you are playing along, and invite them to join in with this graphic.

Here are the prompts written out:

  1. Hello, my name is….
  2. My crafty life
  3. Where I craft
  4. Furry friend (Hug Your Cat Day)
  5. Pattern
  6. What I’m reading
  7. Colour
  8. How I organise
  9. I’m drinking…. (Rosé Day)
  10. I write with this (Ball Point Pen Day)
  11. Shape
  12. I’m Making (Worldwide Knit in Public Day)
  13. Stitches (Sewing Machine Day)
  14. Eating…. (Cupcake Day)
  15. Stacks
  16. Clear it off
  17. New Skill
  18. Salad (International Picnic Day)
  19. My stash
  20. Favourite tool
  21. Listening to (World Music Day)
  22. Project prep
  23. Craft book
  24. Upcycle (Upcycling Day)
  25. Notebook
  26. Gathering
  27. Finished…
  28. Starting
  29. Camera (Camera Day)
  30. Loving…

I based some of them on daily “holidays” in June, and you can relate your photos to those as well.

These prompts aren’t just for photos though, use them however you like! Maybe it sparks an idea for a scrapbook page, a poem, a story, or some journaling. How you interpret them is entirely up to you.

If you want to plan ahead, I’ve also made a printable that you can use to brainstorm your ideas:

The highlighted parts are the weekend days, to make it easier to plan around your life. You can get this printable PDF here.

I can’t wait, this is going to be fun!