The Organized Knitter’s Project Planner – Printable

The Organized Knitter’s Project Planner – Printable

What’s an organized knitter? It’s a knitter who knows what yarn is in the stash, which patterns they own, where to find the needles they need for that next project, and which project(s) will be finished next.

And you can be that person with this simple and minimalist knitting project planner!

The 130 page journal contains everything you need to stay on top of your knitting life at home or on the go. This comprehensive planner is great for beginner, intermediate, and expert knitters, because it cuts out the waffle and provides simple layouts that you can adapt to your way of knitting.

It includes:

  • 123 Numbered Pages
  • Index
  • Yarn Inventory pages
  • Pattern Inventory pages
  • Project Queues
  • Project Spreads
  • Wishlists
  • Shopping Tracker

The Inventory pages and project queue pages can be organized by yarn weight, pattern type, and project type (sweaters, cardigans, socks hats etc.). The shopping tracker will help you to only buy what you need (or really want!).

The list format makes for easy scanning to find what you need quickly. The project pages have enough space for all the essential information about your project, with graph paper for sketches, which makes this notebook useful for knit designers as well.

Set up as a system of checks and balances this planner will help you to stay on top of your projects and yarn stash, and can be used as a complement to your Ravelry account, or independently. Available in both A4 and Letter size. Print the size you need! A wonderful gift for knitters, knit designers and test knitters.

Want this in book form? Get it here.